ZenmaX Natural Tuning Retreat on magical Ibiza October 2015

ZenmaX - active holidays, Natural Tuning - Ibiza longevity retreats, workshops & seminars to fine tune your original Self with internal martial arts, taikiken tai chi, qigong and meditation!  

ZenmaX offers you a holistic wellness concept that stimulates the integration and the use of internal strength and gut feeling in your private and professional life. You will improve your longevity, health and happiness by utilizing the felt sense of your inborn natural instincts and talents! 
Read more about ZenmaX Natural Tuning 

Antoine, Isabelle and Nadja on top of the world ZenmaX Natural Tuning Taikiken workshop Czech Rep

Kenichi Sawai's Taikiken, Ritsuzen (Standing Zen), active in stillness, opening yourself to the universe. Ritsuzen among the trees gives one an indescribably good feeling of being in harmony with nature. More …..

Taikiken Natural Tuning week 2022 - Czech republic -  Autumn 18 September - 24 September 2022
Taikiken is practical martial art, coordination and natural meditation in one. Read more about the ZenmaX Natural Tuning summer workshop …. 

Flores fisherman island girl

One of the children living on a remote Fisherman island near Flores In May 2014, we board an old wooden ship to explore the  tropical seas around around the island of Flores Indonesia. The result is a nice colorful photo album. (uploaded soon)

Fedor Emelianenko MMA power punching

When it comes to heavyweights in mixed martial arts, none comes close to the brilliance and sustained excellence of Fedor Emelianenko. In 1997, not long after his release from the Army, Fedor Emelianenko was officially certified as a Master of Sports in self-defense, which earned him a spot on the Russian national team. More …..

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