Real freedom lives within!
This short video clip about Ron Nansink is made by Martijn Stoppels, AudiovisualDesigner for http://topic.is in which I ventilate my ideas about personal freedom and my path towards it. Taikiken practice and Taoism have always been my source of inspiration, on the assumption that if you recognize the patterns nature in  of things, there will little that you can not understand or explain. This clip was filmed largely in Middenduin, Overveen, in The Netherlands, where we trained for decades with a small group of Taikiken enthusiasts. We especially did let nature do the work to come inwardly in resonance, so that there was no longer inside and outside, but one feel. The real freedom is inside, when all is oneness ;-)

Taikiken as a modern martial art is: soft with a factor hard, active in silence, flexible in firmness, deliberately intuitive, subtle freedom guiding, depth, feeling, self-confidence, expressiveness and passion, detached connected, harmony and vitality, openness, felt sense, moved, patience, inner peace, independence, character, intuitively connected, courage, targeted goals, clarity, compassion, giving, care, health, mindfulness, resilience, empowerment, assertiveness, defensibility.

The Taikiken pages are dedicated to Master Kenichi Sawai, who expressed his Taiki feelings so well, when he said:
"I am proud to be part of a martial-arts tradition as long as that of Ta-ch'eng-ch’üan. (Da cheng quan, Yi quan) Whenever I think of the past, I see Wang Hsiang-ch'i (Wang Xiangzhai) and hear him saying: No matter if you hear ki explained a thousand time, you will never understand it on the basis of explanations alone.  It is something that you must master on your own strength."

Meiji jingu, Sawai Sensei, Ron Nansink.

A practitioner of Taikiken who generates the power of ki is like the spinning top.  Though from the outside he seems perfectly calm and still, an opponent who comes into contact with him is immediately driven away by the force of the person's ki. 

Meiji jingu, Sawai Sensei

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