Taikiken workshop CZ 2015

Taikiken Natural tuning in the Czech Republic
Taikiken ‘Natural Tuning’ focus on Kenichi Sawai’s dynamic and natural way of moving.
The photo’s are taken during the 2015 Taikiken workshop in the wilderness of the Czech republic, in natural beauty and energy similar to the Taoist mountains in China, very rich in Qi (Ki).

Taikiken is an internal martial art, Naikaken (neijiaquan.) The axis is balancing the subtle energy components of mind and body, how to control the subtle body movements by using an image (inen or yi nian.) 
Rooting is back to the future; improve your skills by integrating the internal martial art concept of naikaken. Enjoy Taikiken, as Kenichi Sawai teached it back in the early nineteen-seventies. 
Train in and with nature as it is meant to be, optimize your natural skills and apply them intuitively.  Taikiken is not only effective in a real fight, but can be applied  in everything you undertake in your daily life.

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