Moscow Gum Fashion Mall

Moscow luxurious shopping History of Gum, not every enterprise has such a long and rich history, as Upper Trading Stalls, the present GUM. Just several shopping centers of Russia have right to be proud of the fact that they were created over a century ago and successfully operate till nowadays. GUM always was and remains the greatest country’s store.
The building’s planning represents three lengthway three-floor passages with deep basements. The glass roof designed by the engineer V. Shukhov imparts uniqueness to the building’s . architectureGlass, semi-circular formed, 14 meters diameter, easy and open-work looking like — the roof represents a solid construction, that took over fifty thousand poods of metal (approx. 200 thousand pounds).Stretching on a quarter of a kilometer along the Kremlin’s wall, the GUM’s building encloses the Red Square from the East with its facades’ architecture (decorated with facet rustics), and calls up with Kremlin and the Historical museum.

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