MartriX/TheFeel Management & Leadership training is an alchemistic concept of Martial art (Taikiken, Taijiquan, Qigong), Taoism and contemporary management training.
A TheFeel training is great fun to do. A completely different way of moving and thinking, energizing and challenging. After a TheFeel management training you feel recharged and refreshed.


MartriX/TheFeel trainer, coach, started with training in 1967 and works as an martial art instructor since 1972. He is the co-founder of MartriX & TheFeel org. and Zenmax an alchemistic blend of Taikiken, Taijiquan, Zen meditation and Taoist philosophy. He applies his experience as a martial artist, management trainer and personal coach to release peoples dormant inner talents and strengthen selfmanagement. For inspirational examples he use concepts and exercises from martial arts and ancient Taoism that contain examples of how individual or group processes would work by nature. Ron is specialist in Team tuning, by reducing interference and adjusting compatibility.  He uses prove methods for sustainable living and working. 
Management training 

Nadja Kotrchova


MartriX/TheFeel trainer, coach, started in 1985 with judo.  She is co-founder of MartriX & TheFeel org. and studies internal martial arts since 1998, she studied iBoxing (intuitive boxing), Taikiken and Tai Chi Chuan under Ron Nansink. During an extended training period in South east Asia and China she learned several Baduanjin qigong forms and picked up the right intuition for Martial art. Nadja is a natural talented martial art trainer she uses here skills for health development and leadership & management training.

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