Taikiken applications

Taikiken double wristlock release, using hakei and body mechanics!

Taikiken and Kyokushin
Taikiken applications screenshots showing basic use of attack and defense movements in combination with Kyokushin karate, shot during the 2014 Natural Tuning workshop in the Czech rep. With thanks to Roberto di Blasio and Ron Nansink!
Taikiken, Ikken is a parallel, Chinese martial art heavily stressed by Kancho Royama and other instructors during Kyokushin-kan seminars. It is the name currently used for an martial art Sosai Mas Oyama practiced, Taikiken, and incorporated into his synthesis of Kyokushin. At its core is the training of Ki (or Chi in Chinese) energy. Westerners who’ve never seen Taikiken might think it similar to Tai Chi, although it is very self-defense oriented (one might say fightoriented) in that the goal is to learn destructive (and therefore defensive) physical power that transcends the normal sources that we tend to think of when looking for power (i.e. our muscular-skeletal system).
Taikiken was one of the arts assimilated into Kyokushin by Mas Oyama in the very beginning. It was part of the original Kyokushin synthesis. It has always been a part of Kyokushin, and, if anything, its practice was lost among Kyokushin karateka during the years that Kyokushin’s popularity boomed.

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