Veerstichting 2008

Energizing interludes
 29th Symposium of the VeerStichting 30 and October 31, 2008, Peter’s Church, Leiden.Charge! looking for the generator of a new generation.Tension, energizing interlude with 500 people let you feel at work.

De Veerstichting 2013
2013's theme is as follows: A state of Fear. The symposium shall take place on the 19th & 20th of September 2013.
The VeerStichtings's symposium is a yearly event which takes place in a spread of two days. It is organized by five students, whom have brought together top students and influential characteristics from all levels of society. 
"Let it be the CEO of ABN Amro or an economie student, here; all are equal." (An attending student of the symposium.)
"Its magic, its a spiritual bubblebath." (Eckart Wintzen.)
"It is an increase of value, which can in no matter be transferd in money." (anthony Ruys.)

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