Re-thinking cooking
Re-thinking cooking is the art of re-using ingredients and preparation styles from different countries and cultures into smart dishes and flavors. For the past few years, this style of cooking has been spreading across the globe like a virus.

Ever wondered what it would be like to take an Asian dish and swap most the principle ingredients with foods from Mexico? Or to cook traditional dishes with meat the vegetarian way.
How about an old-fashioned Belgium recipe spiced up with some spices mostly used in an Thai curry?

What to think about re-inventing traditional sweets into a raw sugar free version.

Now, this type of food shocks the more strict traditionalists but for some it is an explosion of flavor they never experienced before.

Re-think your way of cooking, take the challenge and try some of the dishes we have laid out for you. Re-think the ingredients. Re-yhink the methods. Give it a shot and your eating and cooking style might change for good.Sunday night market Koh Samui, Food,  fun and fashion! Every Sunday, people in the area gather at the market better known as, “Lamai Jai Dee Walking Street” from 4pm onwards. Foodies …

A delicious dim sum varieties are sold on the nightmarket

Fresh seafood lunch served on the 3 day mini cruise we made on the tropical waters around the island of FLores, Indonesia.

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